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Easy way to install free SSL certificate on a WordPress Website

Easy way to install free SSL certificate on a WordPress Website

Hi, I have been trying to install  SSL certificate on my website for a long time, I did some google research but I couldn’t get the direct answer right away.

First, I’m not sure whether I should buy SSL certificate or create free SSL certificates. You can find many free SSL websites, where you can create the encrypted key files easily. But as for installation, it is difficult you have to configure SSL on the server side with changes in coding as well and also you have to generate new key once the validity expires.

Second, I’m running my website on amazon web service EC2, they also provide free SSL certificate (Amazon Certificate Manager) with an auto-renew option. To install or deploy the free certificate you have to use CloudFront or Elastic load balancer. No need for changes in coding, just to configure these in AWS dashboard. But all my effort end in vain. I couldn’t get them working.

Finally, with Cloudflare I did it, I was able to implement SSL certificate to my website,  You don’t have to do any coding also it is free. You just have to register with Cloudflare, follow the steps change your DNS configuration and change the name server. Under Crypto tab, you can see SSL click to enable it as Flexible. Cloudflare will process your certificate within fifteen minutes.

And in your WordPress install really simple SSL a plugin and activate it. You will be logged out of non-secure version, your website now will load with SSL.  For step by step, guidance look here

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Benefits of having SSL certificate, Google consider it for SEO rank. People feel secure when they provide you information and payment. If you are looking for a more secure option or doing high price transaction, I recommend you buy SSL.

If you need help in developing a WordPress site or an e-commerce site please don’t hesitate to contact me also look at my services.

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