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Social Media

Social media platforms are many such as facebook, twitter, instagram, google+ etc., which have become frequent use of many in their daily lives.  You see people like to share what is happening to them, that is why they took pictures and post it to facebook or instagram. When they want to tell something to the world they tweet or write blog. Ever wondered how these platforms could help me in business? We will discuss how you can use these platforms in business. Business people should know which platform to use depending on their customer profile. You should not treat all platforms as same. Each platform has different audience as business person you have to make right content and display in the right platform.


Facebook is the most popular social networking site as of now; it has the highest active user than any other platform. Here you can create your business page, create ad to promote your business. You can choose your audience by joining relevant groups, or by creating custom audience by selecting Interest, Behaviour, etc while creating facebook ads. The limitation of facebook is you can’t expect your business page or post to be shown to everyone, mostly facebook display it to a few of your friends and group members in their timeline. But the spread depends on how well it performing and keep people engaging. Similarly the ads will be displayed to your custom audience as well.


Twitter is known for its openness, anyone can be your follower not just your friends. Anything you tweet will be public anybody can read them unless you make your account private. To help your business you have to choose a suitable twitter name and twitter handle. You have to follow relevant people and also gain relevant followers. The limitation of twitter is its char limit, you can’t write long paragraph or essays and for twitter ads you have to pay in USD where in facebook you can choose INR as well. Here just like facebook ads you can run twitter ads by creating tailored audience. In twitter you can even choose to target your competitor’s followers as well.

Likewise you can use other platforms to promote your business.


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