My Name is Ponnusamypandian, a digital marketing consultant in Chennai.

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I help small businesses and startups implement digital marketing strategies by providing affordable marketing consulting and freelance services.
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I specialize in understanding the overall business strategy and provide you a digital marketing strategy to ensure your success, also I’m a certified full-stack digital marketer, creative person and have sound technical knowledge.
It pains me to see startups and small businesses fail or waste money by wrongly implementing digital marketing into their business without having adequate knowledge of digital marketing.

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Why do you need to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital Marketing requires both technical and business knowledge, hence you require a specialist.
Startups and Small businesses lack the guidance of marketing strategy, hence require the help of a digital marketing consultant.
Digital Marketing comprises of several modules ie SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and Inbound marketing. It requires a level of specialization only a consultant can get much practice in all modules to know which module or tool to be used with a strategy to help you to increase your revenue.
Save your time and focus more on other business needs.

What makes me the right fit for your business?

I don’t ask you to change your strategy completely unless you are doing it completely wrong, I will enhance your existing strategy to match the digital needs and provide you other options to increase your revenue and reach.
I work at your speed, there are times when you want to work aggressively and time when you want to work passively (off-seasons). I will work according to your pace.

How can you hire me?

You can hire me in two ways

1) Hire me on consultation only if you have a team that can handle overall digital marketing.
I will analyze your current strategy and develop a better digital marketing strategy and plan of action to improve your ROI.
List out the loopholes in your strategy and Find new opportunities for the business to engage with existing customers and attract new ones.

2) Hire me to work with you
If you don’t have a team or lack resources and time to develop and execute digital marketing. Maybe you need an additional project resource or someone with specific skills and the capacity to work alongside your team
I will formulate a strategy according to your budget and do most of the work myself and outsource some work like graphic design, content writing, etc based on your approval.
You can choose either one or mix these two, we will set up a plan and budget based on your requirement.
To reach me kindly mail me or submit the contact form, or WhatsApp me on 8778404830