Chat Box Comparisons

Chat Box Comparisons

Here I will discuss the free features available in a chatbot available on the Internet. First, let me tell you why you need a chatbox, Heard of help desk, customer support, not everyone can provide 24X7 support especially if you are a small business owner. Also, it is one of the ways to get user visiting your website to engage or participate in an action.People are very responsive in texting, we have a tendency to chat and reply more than filling up some forms. So it is necessary for a website to have a chat option, hence they can retain most of their visitors online.

As I have already said not everyone will be able to afford to have their own customer support team, We can make use of these chatbots available on the Internet.

Chat box

Here we going to compare three provider


# HelloTARS,

I’m only going to discuss the features available in their free plan,

AI Chat or Chat botFeatures


Optin Chat

Hello TARS

Avatar Yes, you can change pic as you wanted. Only select from the limited bots image. Cannot upload your image.
Question Builder Cannot frame your own question. Yes, can frame the question and also can configure logical jump. Yes can frame question but can’t do the logical jump.
Buttons & Social Media Links No

WordPress Plugin available

It provides an analytic report.

Buttons are available, But social media button are not provided.

Chatbot URL is provided so that you can share and generate the lead on social media or embed them any landing page.

Also can create a Facebook messenger bot app on your Facebook page.

No WordPress plugin, Just paste the code into the Widget.

You can include social media buttons, insert video etc.

Chat link is provided you can share/embed them anywhere.

WordPress plugin available so that you can paste your JS code.

Validation Yes Yes Yes, But no proper validation for Mobile number.
Template No Yes, Choose from the Bots template similar to your business. Yes, Template is available for all industry.
Data Can export data to excel, the Email notification is sent. Cannot export or delete data or bots.

Email notification is sent.

Can export data and delete chats.

Will also receive the email notification.

These chatbots or AI chats tools are developed to make small and medium enterprises benefit and enable them to compete with larger businesses worldwide. Choose the chat box you like,  each has their limits in the free version, I’m sure their pro version has all features.

I hope you try there free version once you see the results switch to their pro version.

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