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What domain registration and hosting is best for small business.?

What domain registration and hosting are best for small business.?

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the URL name you are going to buy, the price of the domain varies based on its extension. For example .com, .net,. are costly compared to .biz, .club, .custom_names. Also, there is some extension in which you can get a free domain.

There are many domain registrars on the Internet, most common names are






Google Domain.

domain extension
Business Domain extension
domain ext

If you are interested in only registering a domain name, I would suggest you to buy from the winner of the list Namesilo, then the runner is Google Domain.

Namesilo is less costly compared to Google Domain. You guys can look at their pricing and compare them with others, They don’t offer you any 1st-year discount, Also they don’t charge you excess on 2nd yr onward. They also provide free privacy services i.e; private registration you can hide your name, contact details from WHOIS lookup. If you already own a domain registered by other company and I suggest you transfer to these registrars. The transfer price is usually an annual subscription or less than that. Don’t worry you don’t lose your validity or your money.

Some domain registrar offers other services like email accounts and SSL certificate etc, Namesilo doesn’t provide those. But don’t worry many hosting providers give them as free.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that allows you to store and access your website from the servers. Based on their configuration the prices vary. I would recommend you guys to buy a hosting plan which offers free domain.

Free hosting

There are some free hosting sites or free plans, they provide very limited features such as subdomains, low storage capacity, low bandwidth, No FTP, integration etc.

Here are some free hosting providers






They all provide either free hosting or free plan/ trial, hoping that you will sooner or later upgrade.You can use them as a landing page or lead generation page, or as a Static website. If you just want to have a very simple basic website you can choose them. Free hosting plans may be OK in the initial phase of the startup, but remember the reason to have a website is to promote your business over the internet. I would suggest you choose a well-known hosting provider who provides you necessary features at reasonable prices.

You need best hosting providers who provide speed, performance, and other services like free SSL, Business email id, easy website builder etc.,

Types of Web Hosting

            • Shared Web hosting,

            • WordPress Hosting,

            • E-commerce Hosting,

            • Cloud Web hosting,

            • Virtual Private Server,

            • Dedicated Web Server,

            • Reseller Web Hosting.

For small and medium-sized business, shared web hosting or cloud web hosting is enough to maintain their website.

Shared Web hosting

You can say basic web hosting service, which allows you to host your website on a server with other websites by sharing the resources.

Since the server is sharing resources with other 100/1000 of the website, If there is a sudden increase in traffic in other websites, resources will be allocated there, so your website performance is affected.

As a startup or new website with limited traffic or If you are a small business and don’t want to pay much for hosting you can choose this option. If you are building up a static website, shared web hosting is a perfect choice.

If you are looking for a dynamic website, you need to install a (CMS) content management system to manage your website. There many CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento.

The price range starts from Rs.99/mo to Rs.500/mo, while choosing the hosting company, pick the one who provides many features such as free domain, SSL, one-click installs, email account and storage space. If you are looking for the low price hosting then you can go with HostSoch or BigRock. For better performance, I would recommend Siteground or Hostgator.

If you didn’t get free email accounts or free SSL don’t worry, Zoho mail and Cloudfare will provide them for free.

Open Source Hosting / Application Hosting

WordPress Hosting

As your business grows, you have to upgrade to better hosting plan to provide your customer a faster loading experience. Most online website users prefer WordPress to build their website.It has a lot of plugins which makes less coding necessary.

WordPress Hosting is designed to cater WordPress websites, the hosting provider will take care of server, daily backups, and software updates, ie: you don’t have to make any change on the server side, backend work will be taken by the hosting provider.

With WordPress hosting you don’t have to worry about hosting problem, Just focus on your business and website. Price is higher than shared web hosting the starting range is Rs.420/mo to Rs.3000/mo. For a small business, I would suggest Siteground, BigRock.

E-commerce Hosting

This Hosting is suited for business who sell their products online. For business who want an online store with payment gateway integration, check out page, shopping cart etc.

With WordPress hosting itself you can install Woocommerce plugin to develop a shopping website. But E-commerce hosting is designed to cater e-commerce website. They provide platforms Magento, Opencart etc also offer supports like CDN.

For a small business, if you want a shopping website I would recommend you to use WordPress hosting + Woocommerce. As far as e-commerce hosting provider I suggest you go in the order BigRock, Bluehost, Siteground, Shopify. The price starts at Rs.6000/mo.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting provide service on the cloud server (virtual server) which pull their computing resources from hundreds of individual servers. It is kind of opposite of shared hosting where you share your resources with other multiple websites on a shared server. If you want to upgrade from shared hosting choose cloud hosting, they are much faster and reliable. Again if you are concerned about price I would suggest you buy from BigRock. If you are looking for performance at a reasonable price I would suggest you buy from Hostgator, Bluehost.The price range starts from Rs.800/mo.

There are other hosting types which may not be necessary for a small business, I hope you choose the right domain registrar and best hosting provider of your choice. If you are a small business and want to set up a website with minimum cost, please don’t hesitate to reach me.

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