Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing Strategy (SMM) Which include Basic activities

Such as Setting up Facebook business manager account and Twitter ad campaign account.

Facebook Advertising include

  • Awareness and Reach campaign – To promote your brand name and then to reach the larger audience.
  • Traffic campaign- Helps you to direct traffic from Facebook to your website, application or landing page.
  • Engagement Campaign- To make people share, like and comment on your post or article etc.
  • App Install Campaign- To send people to the play store ultimately to download your android application.
  • Video view campaign- To raise awareness of your brand, create videos and use this campaign to quickly reach the larger audience.
  • Lead generation campaign – To generate the lead, create a lead form in the ad and run this campaign.
  • Messages Campaign- To make more people interact with you via messenger on your business page, so that you guide them by answering their questions, inquiries.
  • Conversion Campaign- In addition to boosting your post, will make people take action like buy, download, subscribe etc.

Twitter Advertising include

  • Awareness campaign-To make people know and follow your business, let many people view your tweet and to increase your website traffic.
  • Engagement campaign- To keep your audience/follower engaged and to increase your follower base. To get more engagement on your tweet, make people talk about you and consequently grow social mention of your business.
  • Video promotion campaign- To make more people watch your videos.
  • Website Clicks and Conversion campaign- To convert your twitter audience into potential clients, to sell your product or service also to promote your mobile application make them install your apps etc.
  • Quick Promote- Promote a single tweet which had much engagement and spread it to a wider audience.

Social Media Marketing is paid advertising strategy for the purpose of promoting your business via the social network. We help in creating ads and campaign on various other platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin etc. We provide you with performance report of the campaign based on social media analytics.

The package pricing depends on what kind of campaign you choose and your budget. The Cost or the money spend on running the campaign or running the ad will be billed to the client.

Reach me if you are interested in promoting your Business via Social Media Marketing